What is Anthroposophy?

Anthroposophy is not unlike Scientology in many ways.  As Scientology has its L. Ron Hubbard, Anthroposophy has its Rudolf Steiner (formerly AristotlePlatoand Thomas Aquinas).  So, Anthroposophy is every bit as viable as Scientology when you come right down to it.  And why should peoples' choice of religion be restricted to only the old religions?  Just like Scientology, Anthroposophy represents a "modern" religion rooted in 19th century wisdom, not 1st century superstition (OK, it has some of that too, but only after a thorough clairvoyant review by Rudolf Steiner).  Rudolf Steiner showed no signs of an inclination toward "Spiritual Science" until he met the woman of his clairvoyant dreams, the soon to be Marie Steiner.  Suddenly, everything was "spiritual" this and "savages" that.  And out of this blessed union Anthroposophy was hatched.

A more detailed description would possibly point to four basic aspects and levels of Anthroposophy:

1. Anthroposophy is based on what some extremists call a "racist" premise that people evolve spiritually by being incarnated in races ranked from lower "savage" races with dark skin to the highest race - the race of the "future" - the race with white skin.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Anthroposophy isn't "based" on this - it just happens to be part of Anthroposophy and something Anthroposophists believe.  We can't help it if we're white.  And we don't mind spreading Anthroposophy in any of its forms to non-white people.  That's the real beauty of Anthroposophy - No matter how low a race an individual was born into, that individual has the ability to advance to a higher race in their next incarnation.  We are actually trying to avoid a war of white mankind versus colored mankind.  By spreading Anthroposophy throughout the world, we expect, very soon, people on savage continents will start incarnating into white (or whiter) bodies.  For more on Rudolf Steiner's views about the races, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

2. Anthroposophy is not what you think.  It's what Rudolf Steiner thought.  This is very important to remember because what you think isn't as reliable as what Steiner thought.  Ideas are based on thoughts and thought are everywhere.  People have thoughts and spiritual people have spiritual thoughts and insightful people have insightful thoughts.  Rudolf Steiner had lots of thoughts which came to him directly from the Akashic Record.  This is how he knew so many things that we know are true today.  This is where we can draw a clear distinction between Anthroposophy and Scientology.  Rudolf Steiner didn't think of Scientology, so clearly it must be wrong.  Scientology was derived from "Science Fiction" whereas Anthroposophy was derived from "Spiritual Science"... a very big difference.  For example Scientology has invisible beings called Thetans - which are completely different from the invisible beings in Anthroposophy, Undines, Sylphs, Salamanders and Gnomes.  Scientologists use Auditing technology to remove the invisible beings.  Anthroposophists use Waldorf anti-technology to infuse children with invisible beings. The more one reads Anthroposophy, the more clear the differences become.

3. Unlike The Church of Scientology which has their own fanatical followers of Hubbard, The Anthroposophical Society today is a group of devout Steiner followers.  And like Scientologists, Anthroposophists are organized and dedicated to spreading Anthroposophy throughout the world.  Exactly like Scientologists do, Anthroposophists have their own banks, their own companies and corporations producing their own products, and have become involved in many government agencies to ensure Anthroposophical schools and initiatives are accepted and that Waldorf schools will be here for children far into the future - often over unwarranted public criticism.  For examples of unwarranted criticism, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

4. Anthroposophy is definitely not a religion when it comes to Waldorf schools.  Sure, Waldorf teachers are Anthroposophists who light a lot of candles and say prayers verses Rudolf Steiner wrote himself, and yes, there are churches that preach Anthroposophy (not counting Waldorf schools), and it is the basis not just for Waldorf/Steiner schools but for the evolution of humanity.  But no, it is definitely NOT a religion, or a cult or anything bad for that matter.  Religions are full of falsehoods, Anthroposophy is pure truth.  Big difference!